Sponsorship Information


The Little RES Q is a privately-run non-profit organization and a registered charity with the government of Canada.

Unfortunately, we do not receive any government funding for our work, but we are able to help so many reptiles due to the generous support of our communities, local businesses, and turtle enthusiasts all over the world.

By sponsoring The Little RES Q, you help provide vital support for the unwanted, neglected or abused animals that require temporary housing at our shelter. Sometimes finding a new, loving home for homeless turtles can take weeks or even months and our program helps to provide any animal placed within the sponsored enclosure with a safe, clean environment while they wait for a permanent home.

You may choose to sponsor an enclosure as a tribute gift to celebrate a loved one, to honor a lost pet or to advertise your business. Your sponsorship gift is also tax-deductible!


Here are a few of our generous sponsors:




Please contact us if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities with The Little RES Q.